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The easiest way

to play crypto games.


1. Explore multiple crypto games

Gamers can choose to purchase or borrow in-game assets (NFT) to start playing a variety of crypto games.


2. Earn money from playing games

Gamers can earn cryptocurrencies from playing crypto games, making their hobby more productive.


3. Redeem rewards in the real world

Gamers can convert their cryptocurrency earnings to licensed e-wallet credits, telco credits, utility bill credits and others.

Explore new and exciting games

Immerse yourself in our curated list of games, from FPS to MMORPG.

Our Products

Hyfen Play (For Gamers)

A mobile app for gamers who want to earn additional income by playing crypto games.

Hyfen Play (For Gamers)
Hyfen Play (For Gamers)

Hyfen Tools (For Guilds)

A web app for guilds and managers that want to earn passive income by lending out their game items (NFT) to players.

Hyfen Tools (For Guilds)
Hyfen Tools (For Guilds)
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